South Korea's Years of Lead: birth pangs of democracy of its demise?

About Kordem

When President Park Geun-hye was impeached on Mar 10, 2017, I decided to start my “Kordem” research project. Kordem is a portmanteau of “Korea” and “Democracy.”

Watching over the whole process of the impeachment, I sense South Korea’s democracy is slowly falling apart for three reasons: most of the allegations of Park’s corruption were disputed for a lack of evidence, but she was systematically defamed and demonized by the politically motivated media; Korea’s constitutional law and jurisprudence meant very little to this impeachment as the Constitutional Court unilaterally “dismissed” the head of the executive branch without a single conviction; and most importantly, I predict the triumphant South Korean Left led by Moon Jae-in is very likely to implement “mob democracy.” Although South Korea is not experiencing a violent civil war, it is being torn apart. As a disciple in political science, I wish to dedicate my life to re-defining democracy and reconstructing it for the country of my birth.

Kordem has another meaning: “Korea” and “Demise.” If we fail to rebuild democracy in South Korea, we will witness its demise.

My ideological platform is libertarianism. Liberty is absolute. Freedom of speech is essential for democracy. I advocate ‘almost’ unlimited free speech, because I believe in the self-reforming and self-evolving capability of liberty. Even if freedom causes problems, free society can fix them.
“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows “

Lastly, I have a message for those who are praying and struggling for the justice and democracy of South Korea and the long-lost freedom of North Koreans: You’re not alone.